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Great Custom Audio System for Any Vehicle!

USB Flash Drive Player/AM-FM Tuner & iPod Interface Built-In
Now 2 Models to chose from.

Secretaudio SST: is a hidden audio system that offers great flexibility for mounting in any type of vehicle. The main receiver/amplifier unit is usually hidden under the seat, or behind the dash. A 10ft cord from the Tuner/Amp plugs into a LCD display. The system can be operated from up to 40 feet away with the included RF (radio frequency remote.)

Included with the system is a flush mount bezel for console or dash mounting. The small dimensions of the flush mount system allow you to install the LCD display almost anywhere. The LCD also comes with a bracket mount for easy installation in the glove box, under the dash, in the ashtray, sun visor, console, or wherever you choose. Since its only 1" deep its especially handy for custom or streetrod applications where there may be wiring or ducting routed behind the panels you wish to utilize for mounting. When your installation is finished you'll be rewarded with a quality professionally installed look.    MSRP $299.95

Secretaudio SRMS: This latest version of Secreaudio retains all of the great features of the SST model except now with a completely wireless LCD/Controller. Just install the black box anywhere in the vehicle and control your sound system via hand held LCD remote control from up to 40 feet away. This controller comes with re-chargeable battery's and a cigarette lighter adapter for charging.  MSRP $399.95SRMS Secretaudio Black Box
Secretaudio SST

Hideaway 200 Watt AM/FM CD controller with USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive, iPod interface and more. Featuring “RF” (radio frequency) remote control.  Ideal for Streetrods, Classics, Customs or any Vehicle! Leave original radio intact!  The tuner/amplifier unit (black box) can be hidden out of site (under seat, dash or trunk) .  We have even included the iPod docking cable (iPod not included).


• AM/FM Stereo 200 watts 4x50
• RF Remote Control  (radio frequency no line of sight required, up to 40' range)
• USB MP3/WMA Flash Drive Player
• iPod® Direct Control Interface (built into tuner/amp unit) 7' iPod Docking Cable Included
• Alpha Numeric LCD Display Shows Artist / Song Titles for USB, iPod® and Satellite Radio
• Direct CD Changer Control (6CD changer or single CD1 optional)
• Auxiliary Audio Input
• 4 Channel 3 Volt RCA Pre-Outs (for optional Amplifiers)
• Subwoofer Pre-Out (for optional Subwoofer Amplifier)
• Electronic Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader
• 5 Selectable iEQ Curves – pop/jazz/classic/beat/rock
• Zero Memory Current Draw (will not drain car battery when unit not in use)
• 24 Station pre-sets (18FM / 6AM)
• Power Antenna 12V Trigger Lead
Blue LED Illumination on Buttons and LCD Display with Contrast Control
Options for Secretaudio
6 disc CD Changer
1/2 DIN Single CD/DVD audio/mp3 playe


SST Main Components What's in the SST Box? - RF remote - RF receiver - iPod docking cable (7') - cable from LCD to tuner amp (10')  - tuner/amp (black box) - flush mount bezel - swivel bracket - the USB port is on a 12" lead coming of the back of the tuner/amp.  As you can see there are many connections but you don't have to use them all. We've made this system as flexible as possible so you can make your sound system as elaborate as you want.

What's in the SRMS Box?
Wireless LCD RF remote - RF reciever/transmitter - LCD holder  -  LCD charger (cig. lighter adapter) - iPod docking cable (7') - USB port on 12" lead from the back of black box - tuner/amp (black box) - 4 channel line out - subwoofer line out - Aux in (RCA) - CD input (for 6 disc changer or CD1 single disc player)


Download SST Owners Manual PDF

Download SRMS Owner Manual PDF

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LCD DimensionsBlack Box Dim.LCD Mounting  
52 Chevy with Secretaudio System  

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